Monday, June 22, 2015

Out Of Evil In Charleston, South Carolina Comes Good

A young White Racist recently walked into a Black Church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdered nine innocent Christians participating in Bible Study, including the very well respected Minister of the Church, who is also a State Legislator.  Whether this 21 year old murderer was possessed by the devil, or just deranged, whenever we see these acts of senseless violence, we are seeing the face of evil.  No doubt, this tragic incident could have turned into another riot as Blacks in the community, rightly so, could have expressed their grief in anger in the streets.    

But unlike Baltimore, Maryland. or Ferguson, Missouri where the race hustlers and incompetent elected officials took control of the situation and violence ensued, in beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina, dubbed the Holy City because of its many churches, leaders of the city and state came together in a wonderful show of unity that really does preserve and sanctify the memory of the nine people who were murdered.   People of all races, faiths and political parties marched together in the streets of Charleston to share their grief and sorrow.   What we saw was the best of American Traditions, when we really do act as one people and one nation under God and best of all it happened in the Deep South, where slavery and segregation prevailed for more than 200 years. 

In addition, Republican Governor Nikki Haley correctly called for removing the Confederate Flag from a state building, since many Americans see it as a symbol of slavery and oppression.  That flag belongs in a Civil War museum because it is part of the history of the period; but it should not be flying over any building in the United States.

Yet, there are Socialist politicians, including President Obama, that want to make this tragic event about gun control, when South Carolina already has strict gun laws and the gun that was used to murder was purchased legally.  And, there are some, including the President, that recently used the N word in an interview to say that Americans are inherently racist.  Mr. President, there may be Racists in the United States; people who hate others because of their skin color, but to speak in broad terms does a disservice to our nation and our people.   Further, it seeks to divide us when we need our leaders to bring us together as one people.

A majority of mostly White Voters elected our first Black President twice.  And, those that did not vote for Obama, did not vote for him because of his skin color; but rather because Obama is a radical Socialist.   Be assured that if Ben Carson, also Black, is the Republican nominee for President, he will be embraced by all Republicans and many other Americans because of his thinking not his skin color.  In any case, out of Evil in South Carolina has come Good.   In a previous Blog Posting, I asked the question, when praising Dr. Martin Luther King, where are the Black Leaders we need today, when the Black Community is in crisis.  We saw them in Charleston, South Carolina.  There is hope.    

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