Monday, June 1, 2015

Transportation Security Administration FAILURE

After spending billions of taxpayer dollars to set up the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), presumably to guarantee airline safety against Terrorist attacks, in a federal government under cover operation, in 67 out of 70 tests, under cover agents were able to get Fake Explosives and Banned Weapons past the TSA at dozens of airports.  This is a 96% FAILURE RATE.  So in nearly 100% of these cases, the TSA did not detect this contraband and let it pass through their portals to get to what are supposed to be secure airline gates.  As someone with 5 million air miles, who still flies a lot to various destinations around the world, this does not make me feel very secure.  It is just one in a very long list of federal government failures. 

Aside from the billions of dollars that have been wasted and all the inconvenience we go through to get to the airplanes at airports, the question is who is going to be FIRED for this lapse in security and how are they going to solve the problem.  Frankly, it would have been best if this report was never made public because it invites more Terrorist attempts to take down airplanes.  Clearly, TSA officers on the federal payroll are not diligent enough to stop this contraband from floating past them.  And or, the technology, even the new technology that provides for a full body scan, is not doing the job.   

Undoubtedly, this report will lead to more inconvenience and invasion of privacy in an attempt to stop contraband from getting through.   During one of the big scares we had when the TSA was on extra alert, this Blogger had a TSA officer literally stick his hand in my pants behind my belt as part of the body pat down.  After he was done, since he apparently had a sense of humor, I said asked him if it was good for him.  Even though I don't smoke, I joked that we probably both needed a cigarette.   Honestly, this invasive pat down was a bit over the top.  On the other hand, I suppose if I had been carrying a weapon of some kind, or explosives that it would have been warranted. 

Again, it is time for Terrorist Profiling.  An old guy like me, on Medicare, that has 5 million air miles, from traveling on business and vacation is hardly a candidate for Terrorist Profiling.  But no doubt there are others that should be on an expanded watch, or no fly list related to their profile.  Too bad if it is politically incorrect.  It is time that the federal government act in the best interest of the American people and our nation.  We should be identifying the Islamic Fanatics that are likely Terrorists and focus more time on them and less time on the rest of us just trying to get to Dallas, without a full body pat down. 

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