Saturday, June 27, 2015

China Or Russia - Happy To Bail Out Greece

Greece will soon experience complete financial collapse, which will result in civil strife and chaos on their streets.  Years of Socialist spending on public employee compensation and benefits and the typical waste, fraud, and corruption that comes with all Socialist Schemes will soon result in Greece defaulting on its National Debt.  There are already runs on the banks as Greeks seek to get out of Greek banks whatever Euros are left.  Americans should notice what is happening in Greece because it will be the American story if we don't bring an end to our deficit spending and begin to pay off our $18 Trillion National Debt. 

Matter of fact, it may already be too late for the United States because there is more than $150 Trillion in unfunded liability sitting out there for local, state and federal pensions, Social Security, ObamaCare, Medicaid etc. etc.  If all the wealth in our country was confiscated, which US Socialists would love to do, not just a percentage, it still would not be enough to cover all this US Debt. 

In any case, Greece will soon lose control over its own destiny, which is what always happens to any entity that cannot pay its Debt.  The Europeans will write them off and European governments will no doubt do whatever they have to do to bail out the banks in their countries that are exposed.  But that will still leave Greece penniless.  Guess what, both the Russians, or more importantly the Chinese will be happy to step in.  The price will be ending Greece's relationship with the Euro Zone and NATO and Navel Bases in the Mediterranean going to the highest bidder, which is likely to be China. 

Since Russia already has a Naval Base in Syria and nearby in the Crimea, it might not be as interested in this option, however, since the situation in Syria is tenuous at best, Russia may still attempt to gain this presence in Greece giving it another warm water port.  Most likely, the bigger player here will be China.  China would jump at the chance to weaken NATO and to gain a foot hold in the Mediterranean.  What better way to do it that to make Greece a client state.  Just wait and see.  This story is far from over. 

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