Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gay Marriage Issues & Religious Freedom

The Socialist Supreme Court, by a 5 - 4 decision has ruled that Gay Marriage now is the law of the land.  OK fine, marriage is really just a contract between two people.  This Conservative Blogger is not emotional about this issue, the way I am about Abortion; the murder of innocent babies.  In fact, I see some humor in the Gay Marriage issue.  Of course, with Gay Marriage will also come Gay Divorce, which means alimony, child support, child custody issues and often miserable court proceedings that heterosexual couples have experienced for years.   The LGBT community should be careful what they asked for because with Gay Marriage comes Gay Divorce, which is often a miserable experience for all concerned.

In any case, this now means that companies that provided Partner Benefits before this ruling will no doubt modify their HR policies to state that only Gay officially married couples will now qualify for benefits, the same as heterosexual married employees.  So, now Gays will have to choose Marriage, rather than their looser affiliation, to get benefits.  What other position can company's take?  This means that "Partners" that got company paid benefits will now be cut off, since it is impossible to make the argument any longer that these benefits were provided because Marriage was denied to Gays.  So, there will be some losers in this ruling. 

Most important in all of this is the question of religious freedom.  Various Christian denominations, the Catholic Church, Orthodox Jews and all of Islam does not recognize Gay Marriage.  As such, many Christian Ministers, all Catholic priests, some Jewish Rabbi's and all Immans presumably will not bless, nor preside over Gay Marriages.  Since this will not prevent Gay Marriage, there should be no question of their right not to participate in Gay Marriage ceremonies under the First Amendment right related to religious freedom. 

However, as we have recently seen, there will also be business owners because of their religious convictions that will not participate in Gay Weddings.  This is not to be confused with someone who is Gay walking into their stores and buying flowers, or cakes.  No doubt, rather than just move on to another business owner to buy goods and services, the Gay Community will press this issue in Court and win or lose further alienate millions of Americans.  That would be dumb.  Gays won the war, they should stop fighting the battles and just have a happy life.

But that won't happen because there are many in the Gay movement that are very radical.  So as was the case after Roe V Wade, that pretty much allowed for unrestricted abortion, we will see years of court cases as the left wing Gay community, Socialists and the left wing lame stream media attempt to force their agenda on Americans that for religious reasons will never accept Gay Marriage.  Once again, this Supreme Court ruling like so many others will do nothing to bring our nation together as the cultural divide and battles will just continue for years to come. 

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