Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton Not Honest & Trustworthy

In a new Quinnipac University Poll, Socialist Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was viewed as "not honest and trustworthy" by the voters of the key swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia.  In all three states various Republican candidates would beat her as of today.   This should be no surprise, since the Clinton's, like all Socialists, have never really been honest and trustworthy just pretty good politicians that get their PEEP's to dutifully vote for them by keeping them on the dole, one way or another.  There is no doubt that if Hillary Clinton's is the Socialist nominee for President that she can be beaten.  In addition to this honest and trustworthy issue, Hilly is old news and not particularly likable. 

However, this Blogger doesn't trust many Republicans either because we too have been lied to and betrayed many times by Republicans that are really RINOS.  I need to have a reason to vote for any Republican these days.  As a member of the Conservative base of the Republican Party that actually takes our party platform seriously, since it usually speaks to limited government, less spending, lowering taxes and less regulations. balancing the federal budget, a strong national defense, protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, securing our border and the right to life, I am tired of Republicans that ignore basic Republican Party Core Principles once they are elected to office.  I am also tired of Republicans that have been in office for years and accomplished absolutely nothing important to the base of the Republican Party because they don't have the guts to fight for our core principles. 

One more time, we don't care if it results in a government shut down.  Government is generally the problem and rarely the solution to our problems.  In fact,  government often makes life miserable for the Makers in society, mostly Republican voters, so shut it down to get what we want done.  These new poll numbers, concerning Hillary Clinton, should not bolster Republicans too much because many of us may sit on our hands if we don't see a Republican Party Presidential Candidate we can trust to get the job done.  This Blogger will never, never, vote for a RINO again.  Been there, done that and I am over it.     

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