Sunday, July 5, 2015

America Is Ruled By A Power Elite

It has occurred to this Blogger, after years as a former American History and Government Teacher and Political Junkie that America really is ruled by a Power Elite, composed of politicians of both political parties, feeding at the trough, big Union Bosses, Crony Capitalists and other big money interests.  This is one big Club that does not include the American people and certainly not average Americans.  There is in fact an unholy alliance between Socialists and RINOS in government.  Socialists want to keep as many people as possible dependent on government as the basis for their power.  RINOS, talk about limited government; but do little to starve the beasts because they too benefit from big government that doles out contracts to Crony Capitalists. 

We do have a semblance of Democracy, as we hold elections every two or four years; but they really don't matter very much because no matter who we elect, we end up with higher taxes, more regulations and bigger corrupt, intrusive government, waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, government failures and more unsustainable Debt.  And, it really does not matter which party is in power.  We always get this same result.

Local, State and Federal Governments currently have about $150 Trillion Dollars of Debt, either on the books, or in unfunded liabilities for various Entitlements and public employee pensions that can never be funded because all the assets and wealth in the United States combined are less than this amount.  The fact is that no one in the Power Elite cares if they bankrupt our country because as long as they get rich, in the short term, that is all that really matters to them.

I really can't blame Crony Capitalists too much for playing this game.  After all, 40% of all goods and services sold in the United States are bought by Local, State and Federal Governments.  It is big business worth about $7 Trillion a year.  Crony Capitalists don't want Term Limits, the only way to stop some of this Corruption because they have too much invested in politicians of both parties, that do their bidding, to see them lose office.  And, the Power Elite certainly does not want a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment because it would prevent the politicians from borrowing more money to win elections to stay in power feeding at the trough.  It would also result in a reduction in government spending that would be very bad for business, which could impact stock options and or bonuses earned by company executives. 

So, we will go through another election cycle with all the hoopla and pretense of Democracy.  It is really about who gets to live in the White House with the big jet and who gets the better offices in Congress; but otherwise, it will be same old, same old rule, by a cabal of Power Elite that has nothing to do with the interests of the American people.   And, sadly this is coming from someone who once taught American History and Government and idealistically thought of our Democracy as the greatest created in world history.  It was so as was intended by our Founding Fathers; but not today because our Corrupt Leaders have betrayed us, out of greed, for their own selfish gain.   I wish it were not true; but it is what it is.

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