Friday, July 17, 2015

Islamic Terrorist Attack in Tennessee

Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez, a 24 year old, Kuwaiti-born Islamic Terrorist attacked two US Military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee; one a Recruitment Center and the other a Marine Depot.  In the process, this Islamic Terrorist murdered 4 unarmed Marines and wounded others.   We know now that Abdulazeez traveled to Jordan in 2014 and further went to Yemen where no doubt he was trained and or indoctrinated by ISIS to murder Americans.   It really does not matter if Abdulazeez was a lone wolf, as pronounced by Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, who refuses to use the words Islamic Terrorist, or he was ordered by ISIS directly to commit these murders, the fact is that once again an Islamic Fanatic has murdered Americans.

For a short while apparently, Abdulazeez's father was on a Federal Government Terrorist Watch List only to be taken off for some reason, yet unknown.  In any case, the fact that Abdulazeez traveled to the Middle East should have placed him on a Terrorist Watch List, for sure.  The Federal Government is spending billions of dollars, each year, spying on all Americans rather than targeting those most likely to commit these acts of Terror, which are obviously young Islamic Males and perhaps even Females that should be profiled.  Muslims in America are either with us in this process, or against us.  These Islamic Fanatics live amongst them.  If they can't convince them not to commit these heinous crimes, then they have an obligation, as would be the case for any American who knows of a criminal about to commit murder, to turn them in for further investigation.  I know, I know, this smacks of Big Brother; but we cannot allow these Islamic Terrorist acts to continue on our soil.

Further, it is clear that military installations in the US are now a target for Islamic Terrorists by their own pronouncements.  As such, these Recruitment Centers, often in commercial shopping centers,  must be hardened with bullet proof glass and security entrances that better control who can enter those sites.  In addition, military personnel must be permitted to carry their weapons while on duty in the United States.   We cannot allow military personnel, trained to use weapons, to be sitting ducks when these Islamic Terrorists attack them.   Arming military personnel would save lives and make certain that an Islamic Terrorist is prevented from implementing a massacre.  This is just common sense. 

Finally, the President of the United States, in this case Obama, until he is thankfully out of office must declare the threat that we face from Islamic Fascist Fanatics in no uncertain terms.   We must do more to destroy ISIS in the Middle East to insure that we do not have to deal with them in the United States.  Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook must all shut down these ISIS sites that are used to spread ISIS propaganda and recruit Terrorists all over the world.  Again, it is time for some common sense, which is often lacking in Washington DC.          

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