Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Republican Party Report Card

Once again, this election cycle Republicans are going out and asking for support, translation money, to assist them in getting elected or reelected.  The only problem is that Republicans in Nevada and in Congress have betrayed us over and over again.  In Nevada, we elected a Republican Legislature and all State officers and then our RINO Governor Brian Sandoval pushed through the largest tax increase in Nevada history with the help of his RINO pals in the legislature. In Washington, we elected a Republican Congress that has failed to act on the core principles of the Republican Party.  They have proven to be Socialists Lite, so why on earth would Conservatives, the base of the Republican Party, support them again.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, oh wait a minute, fool me twice and I will never vote for a RINO again no matter who the Socialist opposition candidate may be.  Below is the Republican Party Report Card.  As you can see, the Republican Congress has FAILED on all issues important to the base of the Party.             
      Federal Government – Republican Report Card
Balancing the Budget – Cutting Spending                                           FAIL                    
Limiting Abortion                                                                                     FAIL
Enacting a Balanced Budget Amendment                                           FAIL        
Dealing with Terrorism                                                                           FAIL
Paying Down the National Debt                                                           FAIL                
Properly Funding the Military                                                               FAIL
Enacting a Term Limits Amendment                                                  FAIL                
Saving Social Security & Medicare                                                       FAIL
Cutting Corporate and Personal Income Taxes                                FAIL                
Prosecuting Government Crooks                                                         FAIL
Eliminating Burdensome Regulations on Business                          FAIL                 
Challenging Obama’s Executive Orders                                               FAIL
Creating Economic Growth & Jobs in America                                   FAIL                
Providing Medical Care for Vets                                                           FAIL
Eliminating Waste, Fraud, Abuse and Redundancy                          FAIL                        
Controlling the IRS, NSA, EPA & the Justice Dept                            FAIL
Failure to Eliminate Poverty after Spending Trillions                       FAIL                
Repeal and Replace ObamaCare                                                           FAIL
Securing Our Border                                                                                FAIL                
 Protecting First, Second and Fourth Amendment Rights                                                                                  FAIL                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Comprehensive Immigration Reform                                                   FAIL          
Ending Govt. Collective Bargaining                                                      FAIL
Promoting Energy Independence through all Sources                   FAIL                
Dealing with the Media/Communications                                         FAIL
Eliminating the Dept. of Education/Waste of Money                     FAIL
Enacting School Choice/Improving Public Education                      FAIL  
Establishment Republicans (RINOS) Have Failed Us
Time and Again.  They should be FIRED because they have failed to act on Republican Core Principles. 

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