Saturday, July 11, 2015

Iran - Time To Walk Away From The Talks

Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama and his Secretary of State Kept Man and Brie Eating John Kerry keep extending the talks with Iran to end their nuclear program.  While this has been going on, it was revealed that Iranian Spies have been in Germany seeking atomic and missile technology.   How stupid can Obama and Kerry be?  Apparently, pretty stupid.  It is bad enough that the deal on the table is actually a path to Iran developing nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, but at the same time that talks have been extended and extended and extended, the Iranians have been actively working to build the bomb and the missiles that would allow them to attack the United States, Europe and Israel.  The Iranians have just used these talks to play out the clock.

It is time for Obama/Kerry to walk away from the talks and slap on even more stringent Sanctions on Iran to destroy their economy.  In addition, Israel and or the US should implement cyber attacks, on a daily basis, to shut down Iran's nuclear program and military capability.   All Iranian bank accounts should be frozen to prevent more money going to Terrorists.  If there is any hope at all at stopping Iran's nuclear program and aggressive tendencies, the only way to make it happen is to make it so painful for Iran that perhaps their fanatically Fascist government will be brought down by the Iranian people. 

It is hard to imagine the Obama/Kerry stupidity in all of this.   Obama wants a deal so badly that he is willing to give away the store.  If the deal on the table is executed by Executive Order, no doubt the next President of the United States will end up striking it down because the Iranians will cheat.  Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is absolutely right.  No deal now is better than a horrible deal.  Sanctions got Iran to the table.  Even more severe Sanctions and the actions described by this Blogger are the only chance, other than military action, which at some point may be necessary, of stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons. 

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