Friday, July 10, 2015

Oppressive Government is a Dream Killer

Like so many other people in the United States, throughout our history, this Blogger has achieved the American Dream.   By getting a great education and through years of hard work, self sacrifice and the ability to deal with delayed gratification, I was able to start with nothing and build a successful business predicated on prudent decisions.   Achieving the American Dream today, however, is much more difficult because of Oppressive Local, State and Federal Governments act as a sledge hammer at every turn slamming anyone who attempts to build a business with high taxes, fees and onerous regulations.  

So before anyone, willing to take risks, can even get started, the big hand of government is there to prevent success.  Instead, Socialists and RINOS in government encourage able bodied people to go on Welfare and or Disability, rather than work hard to support themselves.  Further, instead of telling students to work their way through university, as this Blogger did, Government encourages students to take out government backed student loans, loading them up with Debt after graduation.  This is dumb, dumb, dumb and sends the wrong message right out of the gate. 

Why would anyone work night and day, often 7 days a week to be successful, when government takes as much as 50%, or more, of profits in various taxes and fees, not to mention the cost to comply with government regulations.   In essence, every one in business today has government as his or her, not so silent partner, intruding into all aspects of daily business and personal life.  How is this much different than Communism where government just owns all means of production.  

What we have in the United States is a power elite, separate and apart from the American people, operating within the beltway in Washington DC and in many state Capitols and City Halls feeding at the trough, at the expense of the 50% of hard working Americans that pay most of the taxes in our country.   These Takers, along with the people that often vote for them on the dole, one way or another, are bleeding the Makers in society dry.   Local, State and the Federal Governments are Dream Killers, making it much harder for any American, willing to work hard, to achieve the American Dream.   This is very sad but true. 

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