Monday, July 6, 2015

Sanctuary Cities - Dangerous Places To Be - STAY AWAY

There are about 200 cities in the United States, primarily run by Socialists, that are Sanctuary Cities where Illegal Aliens, even those that commit serious crimes, are often not turned over to federal law enforcement for deportation.  We just saw a serial criminal, an Illegal Alien from Mexico, Juan Francisco Lopez - Sanchez, who was deported 5 times for committing serious felonies; but then returned to the United States, released by San Francisco police after being arrested for committing another crime.  

Once freed Sanchez murdered a woman, just walking with her father on a promenade, using a gun in his possession.  The Fed's now claim that they had issued a Detainer to arrest this man given his history, that the city of San Francisco ignored.   First of all, there needs to be a class action lawsuit, filed against all cities where crimes and particularly murders have been committed by Illegal Aliens given Sanctuary.  Ignoring Federal Immigration Laws, such as they are, cannot go on without penalty.  Cities must be forced to pay for this folly.  Further, the Republican controlled Congress should deny federal funds to any Sanctuary City violating Federal Immigration Laws.  Let Obama veto the budget that denies these cities billions of Federal Dollars and or shut the government down specific to this issue.  We are either a nation of laws, or we will have no nation. 

Finally, this Blogger considered a vacation side trip to San Francisco in a few months with my wife.  That trip now will not happen because we are not going to any city on vacation that allows criminals and particularly Illegal Alien serial criminals to go free.   We will not subject ourselves to the possibility of random murder.  Sanctuary Cities are listed on the Internet.  Just Google Sanctuary Cities to see which are listed and STAY AWAY, if you value your life. 

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