Monday, October 5, 2015

No Fear Allowed - An American Dream Story & Book

Perseverance is NOT just a word.  It is a belief system, a way of life fortified by the battle cry of No FEAR ALLOWED.  That is what Entrepreneur Laura Herring has that enabled her to grow her company from just an idea to a $50 Million organization.

Herring's book, NO FEAR ALLOWED, A STORY OF GUTS, PERSEVERANCE & MAKING AN IMPACT, comes out TODAY, Oct 6th.  This is a book worth buying as it tells an amazing story of the American Dream of starting a company with nothing more than an idea to help others.  Laura Herring turned her idea into a global company serving over 250 Fortune 500 companies.

Laura was a psychologist and just wanted to help relocating families have a smooth transition. But her journey took her far beyond and is a great read for anyone wanting to fulfill their dreams-any dream!  The secret to her success is her unfailing passion to make a difference and her unrelenting perseverance to keep going. Herring openly shares her failures that would have stopped most people in their tracks.  Laura Herring failed numerous times and does not hesitate, nor apologize for those failures.  Instead, she shares with her readers the lessons learned at the end of each chapter, in hopes of preventing others from making the same mistakes. 

At first glance, most people would think this book is just for entrepreneurs.  However, several people have said they loved the story so much and kept rooting for Herring's success, that they are buying copies for each of their children and their nieces and nephews because they want to show what persistence truly looks like.  Those buying this book want to help future generations understand that success is possible, in spite of numerous failures. 
This Blogger can recommend this book as a perfect case study for budding entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial studies at colleges and universities.  Others say, it is just a good read, filled with stories that will have you cheering for Laura Herring's success.  

Laura Herring is fearless.  In this book she teaches others how not to just be fearless, but how to find their passion and make NO FEAR ALLOWED their battle cry. She teaches how to turn fear into your personal GPS that allows you to : STOP, EVALUATE, CALCULATE AND THEN ACTIVATE A PLAN to move forward. 

Laura Herring's journey is a great lesson in American business and how anyone can make it, even after failing numerous times.  You just need guts and perseverance.  This is an important lesson for today's young people.  With heavily financed start ups and fancy mezzanine financing, this book shows how, if your goal isn't about making money fast, but serving others, you can patiently make your way to financial success.  

You can go to today and order your copies.  Herring is offering special bonuses, if the book is purchased on October 6 for ordering from her site.  Most important, Laura Herring is donating 100% of her profits from the sale of her book to Breast Cancer Research.  A two time breast cancer survivor, Herring is tenacious about finding a cure for Breast Cancer to prevent this disease from impacting other families.   

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