Friday, October 30, 2015

Republican Candidates Taking Control Of Future Debates

Various Republican Candidates are getting together to take control away from the Republican National Committee related to upcoming Debates and so they should.  The fact that the RNC would agree to even have a Debate on CNBC, MSNBC or in association with any of the lame stream left wing media outlets is reason enough to push the RNC aside.  What we saw with the recent Debate on CNBC just demonstrates that these networks are nothing but propaganda outlets for the Socialist Party of America.   It is important to note that the Socialists have scheduled not one Debate for their candidates on Fox News, which they are boycotting. 

Look, because of Donald Trump, these Debates are bringing in big dollars from advertisers because they are attracting millions of viewers that would not otherwise be there.   CNBC charged advertisers $250,000 a minute for the recent Debate.  They made a fortune off this Debate, while attempting to put Republicans and Conservatives, in particular, in a bad light to support their Socialist Party Candidates.  Screw Them.

Republicans should stick to Fox News and or other friendly news outlets for all remaining Debates.  Fox has the highest viewer ratings anyway so anyone that wants to watch a Debate will find it on Fox.  Further, this should carry into the General Election, as well.   There is no reason to give business to the Socialist Networks that will always portray Republican Conservatives negatively.   Republicans Candidates need to control their message by appearing where they want, when they want, including choosing those doing interviews carefully.  It is not a matter of censoring the news; but rather making sure that Socialists with their propaganda machines don't control the news anymore. 

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