Friday, October 30, 2015

Marco Rubio Or Ted Cruz - The Better Choice

This Blogger likes both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz running for the Republican Nomination for President.  Both are brilliant and have great plans for dealing with all the problems we face in our country.  Both are Hispanic and came from little or nothing.  Both are great on their feet related to dealing with the Press and or on TV.  Both could take on the Socialists.  However,  this Blogger has one major concern with Marco Rubio.   As a very smart man in his Mid Forties, he basically has nothing and loads of debt.  Rubio, along with Socialist Governor Martin O'Malley, also running for President, have virtually little, or no net worth.  Even Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders is worth $700,000, which is not a whole lot for a life's work at 74 years old.  The rest of those running for President are all millionaires, to a lesser, or greater degree.  And of course, Donald Trump is a billionaire. 

Not that having money is the most important qualification for being President, but having none is a red flag, at least for me.   Rubio has not done what he needs to do to provide for his family.  Rubio is running for a job that pays $400,000 a year with lots of perks.  And, to be sure, if he wins, it would put his family on easy street and set him up for life.   So, this is not just about winning the Presidency for Rubio; but also about providing for his family, which should have been done a long time ago.  My problem is that if Rubio can't manage his own finances, how can we trust him to manage the finances of the United States. 

Marco Rubio has already announced that he will not run for reelection to the Senate if he does not get the Republican nomination.  What that tells me is that he has figured out that he has to get serious about supporting his family.  Rubio knows that given his visibility and talent, he could end up on Fox News, corporate boards, give speeches, or get a great job paying him good money.  And, since he is young, he still has 20 years to run for President.  So getting rich first, is not such a bad idea.

Now to be clear, if the choice was between Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton, who is a LIAR and a CROOK, this Blogger would vote for Marco Rubio.  But, given Rubio's  personal financial condition, I would prefer Ted Cruz over Marco Rubio.  Cruz and his wife are worth about $3.2 million, which is respectable.  Cruz is an anti-establishment Conservative and a street fighter who can take on Hillary Clinton and the Socialists in government.  Cruz has more management experience than Rubio, given his other jobs in government.  Cruz will be in the mix for the Republican Nomination for President.  This Blogger could support Ted Cruz without any reservations.

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