Thursday, October 1, 2015

Obama's Feckless & Dangerous Foreign Policy

In 1961, Soviet Dictator Nikita Khrushchev met with newly elected President Kennedy in Vienna, Austria.  Khruschev, who was much older, surmised that Kennedy was young and weak.  And, though Krushchev  miscalculated, it lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and the potential for all out nuclear war.   Recently, President Pinocchio Obama met with Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin at the United Nations.  Putin has no respect for Obama and sees him as young and weak and as a result just a few days later and a few weeks after Obama agreed to the flawed Iran Deal; Russia began bombing Syrian forces, that the US supports, opposed to Bashar Assad in Syria that are not ISIS nor Al Queda.  At the same time, Iran is moving more troops into Syria.   In essence, Iran and Russia are taking over Syria as a client state. 

So, now Iran is building a Shite Muslim Crescent taking control of Iraq and Syria with Russia as an ally.   This axis of evil will soon target Lebanon by using Hezbollah, the Terrorist Group supported by Iran, to take it over.  Jordon, a US ally, will be next.  Iran's goal is to surround Israel, including by supporting Hamas in the Gaza Strip, in order to destroy attack and destroy Israel.  Why should anyone be surprised by what is happening.  Iran has stated many times that the real objective is to destroy Israel.  It addition, Iran seeks to gain hegemony, with Russian help over the entire Middle East.  This is the rebuilding of the old Persian Empire that was destroyed by Alexander the Great and later by the British in the Middle East. 

So while Sunni Arabs, i.e. ISIS is attempting to create a Sunni Arab Caliphate to control the entire Middle East, Iran stands in their way as they are intent on recreating a Persian Empire.   Of course, what both Islamic Radical Fanatic groups agree on is the destruction of Israel.  Putin and Russia is looking to replace the United States in the Middle East as a Geo Political Power intent on reconstructing the old Soviet Union.   This is all happening because Obama fiddles while the world is on fire, which has created a power vacuum in the Middle East as a result of his Feckless Foreign Policy.  More and more Secretary of State John Kerry looks like a helpless idiot as he meets with his Russian counter part expressing "concern" over Russia's military push into Syria.  Really!  Just concern?  

Anyone familiar with Revelations in the New Testament would conclude that we are seeing the prophesy come true.  John of Patmos, who wrote Revelations predicted that Magog (thought to be Russia) would come from the North to participate in the final battle, referred to as Armageddon, in the plains of Meggido in central Israel.  It sure looks like the pieces of the puzzle are all falling in place, as Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons, to confront Israel.   And, as all these things are happening, President Obama is concerned about Climate Change and shakes the hand of Cuba's Communist Dictator Raul Castro.  Really!!

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