Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Donald Trump Could Be Elected President - Here Is How

This Blogger believes that many Political Pundits do not understand what is happening with Donald Trump.  First of all, Establishment Republicans are in panic mode because Trump is so far ahead in the polls related to the Republican nomination.  These RINOS will attempt to destroy Trump; but it is not likely to work because the Conservative base of the Republican Party, about 30% or more of total Voters, are so fed up with Establishment Republicans, including this Blogger.   And, Trump has the money to fight back, which will allow him to run the course right up to the last primaries in June, 2016.  Further, Trump has proven that if attacked, he will counter punch twice as hard pulling no punches, if necessary, to destroy his opposition.  Trump is a New York Street Fighter, which is absolutely essential to winning. 

As a result, Donald Trump could very well get the Republican nomination.   And, since he would probably be running against Socialist Hillarita Clinton, assuming she is not charged with a crime for her email shenanigans, Trump could very well beat Hilly because he is not a traditional Republican Candidate.  This Blogger predicts that many blue collar voters and maybe even their unions would support Trump because of his opposition to Trade Deals and his call to bring manufacturing jobs back from China and other countries.  With the exception of Teacher Unions and other government employees in Unions, Trump could get a lot of other Union Support, including the Police Unions.  In addition, Trump is talking about taxing Wall Street Fat Cats, that everybody hates, no different than the Socialists that always want to redistribute income. 

Ironically, even some Blacks may support Trump over Hilly as a result of his stance on securing our border to prevent more illegal aliens from coming into our country competing with poor Blacks for jobs.   Finally, there are many young people that have graduated from college, with loads of debt from student loans, that can't find jobs in the Obama Economy.  This combination along with disgusted Conservatives and Evangelicals could form a New Coalition.   Yet, the Political Pundits continue to talk in traditional terms related to typical Socialist and Republican Voters.  Donald Trump is building a new Coalition, much more like the Reagan Coalition that included Conservatives and Blue Collar Old Style Blue Dog Democrats that do not support the Socialists social agenda in support of unrestricted abortion, Gay Marriage, the Black Lives Matter crowd and Wacko Environmentalists that are killing jobs etc. etc.  

If Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee for President, this will not be repeat of RINO Mitt Romney or John McCain; both of whom are disliked by Conservatives in America.  It will be a whole new ball game.  Donald Trump is building a New Big Tent to win the Presidency.  As a political junkie, it is very interesting to watch. 

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