Saturday, October 17, 2015

Understanding Socialist Party Speak - The Real Meaning Of Their Words

Socialists in America speak in code words that require translation.  First, let's start with the word "Progressive".   Socialists use the word "Progressive", rather than the word Socialist because they know that Socialism has led to poverty, misery and even murder around the world.  So, until this election cycle they have never wanted to use the word Socialist to describe the Democrat Party.   But with Bernie Sanders in the picture, they are out of the closet.   Pinocchio Obama has transformed the old Democrat Party into the Socialist Party of America. 

Next, when Socialists use the word "diplomacy" what they really mean is Peace Through Surrender, rather than Ronald Reagan's adage that brought down Communism of Peace Through Strength.   We see this in action in the Iran Deal, which actually creates a path for Iran to have nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Obama and Kerry surrendered the National Security of the United States and our allies, through "diplomacy" to get that deal.   It was clearly Peace Through Surrender. 

Next, when Socialist use the word "Free" in front of any new Entitlement, what they really mean is that they are going to raise taxes on the Makers in society  benefit the Takers; their PEEP's.  They are really taking about redistribution of income whenever they speak of new government Entitlements, or services.

Any time Socialist talk about "Global Warming or Climate Changes" what they are really taking about is destroying carbon based energy and higher taxes.   In fact, Socialists are attempting to use the Climate Change issue as an excuse to tax, tax, tax.  In the process, they will kill jobs and lower the standard of living of all Americans.   This issue is also about redistribution of income from the rich nations to the poor nations in their quest for one world government. 

When Socialist speak of "gun control", what they are really talking about is confiscating guns from all Americans.  Socialists want to void the Second Amendment of the US Constitution because they fear an armed citizenry that could rise up to end their big government dictatorship.   They also fear Americans with guns because Socialists are deliberating acting to bankrupt our country.  They know that economic collapse would lead to civil strife on our streets and it would then lead to armed rebellion against them, since they and their RINO pals would be held responsible.   

Finally, when Socialists refer to "investments" they are talking about new spending on their PEEP's to win votes to remain in power feeding at the trough.  And, even though we now have a $19 Trillion National Debt and $150 Trillion in unfunded local, state and federal liabilities for Entitlements, Socialists really don't care if they bankrupt our country.   They hate Free Market Capitalism and the United States.  They believe in one world government.  Socialists would turn our sovereignty over to the United Nations in a minute.  Socialists assume that with the economic collapse of the United States, that a world organization would have to step in, with guns, to government our country and protect them.  

It is really important that the American people understand Socialist speak to get what Socialists are really saying.   This Blog is the key to understanding Socialist's real intentions in their attempt to control all aspects of daily life by making as many people as possible dependent on big government. 

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