Sunday, October 11, 2015

Being President Is Really Really Hard

Being President of the United States is really, really hard, which is why we must never again elect a Republican, or a Socialist that has never run anything successfully in his or her life.  Socialist President Obama is clearly in way over his head because he has never really accomplished anything significant in his life, except for winning the Presidency two times.  Obama is incompetent not because he is stupid; but because he is a Socialist ideologue, which automatically puts him at a disadvantage.  And, he does not understand how to make government work, which is why Washington is so broken.   Without seasoned leadership, Congress and Washington get nothing done.

Ideally, we should elect a Governor, or at least someone who has served in government or business for a long while with a record of accomplishment.  There are many Republican candidates that fit this description.  Hillarita Clinton has never really succeeded much at any job she has done.  When people are asked to list Hilly's accomplishments, other than she is a woman running for President, even her supporters can't list anything specific. 

We have seen what happens when we elect someone with no record of accomplishment.   We have a lousy economy with millions of people out of work. The Middle Class is worse off today than when Obama was first elect.  And, we have a World on fire.  Let's not elect anyone again that does not have the experience to do the job.

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