Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron - Leader Of The Free World

Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain is now the leader of the free world.  In a recent speech, Cameron clearly spelled out the threat we face from Islamic Fascist Terrorists around the world and stated that we must use every power at our disposal to destroy them because they are a threat to our people and our freedom.   This happened after Cameron watched a video of a British citizen, who has joined ISIS, behead a journalist.  David Cameron gets it; Thank God.

This contrast with Socialist President Pinocchio Obama who admitted that he has no strategy for dealing with these Terrorists in Syria and Iraq, or any place else.   In other words, Obama is clueless.  Our naive and incompetent President is in way over his head even though all of his advisers and even many Socialists in his own party are telling him that we must act to destroy these Islamic Fascists before they murder Americans on our homeland.   We are dealing with evil unlike any we have seen since Adolf Hitler.   These Islamic Fascists are attempting to create a Caliphate across the Middle East and around the world where only their version of demonic Islam is tolerated. 

Hopefully, we have learned the lessons of history; though Obama apparently never did, so that we know that we must destroy evil when we see it and as early as possible to prevent genocide.   It is time to use air power in both Iraq and Syria and any place else these Fascists raise their ugly heads to hunt them down and kill them.  We cannot negotiate with evil.   We must destroy them to prevent unspeakable crimes against humanity.   Even religious leaders like Pope Francis and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury understand that evil must be confronted as they too have approved military action.    

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