Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missouri - Time For The Grown-Up's To Speak The Truth

The protest and riots in St. Louis must come to an end because they are counter productive and will do nothing to get at the truth, whatever it is, related to the killing of Michael Brown by a White Cop.  Further, Missouri Socialist Governor Jay Nixon, who needed Black votes to win election, just made matters even worse by calling for "vigorous prosecution" of Police Officer Darren Wilson to appease his PEEP's on the streets before a Grand Jury has reviewed the evidence.  It really is time for the Grown-Up's in the Black Community and in office to speak the truth.  If they continue to encourage and allow Protests, they should be confined to a public park, or some open field, rather than on city streets.   Businesses on those streets, including many owned by Black Business Owners are being devastated by these protests/riots.  It is important to note that after the riots that occurred in the sixties in many Black Areas in cities around the country, as a result of the destruction and looting that occurred, many of those businesses never returned leaving those areas blighted and with no jobs to this day.  Rioting Blacks destroyed their own communities, which was downright stupid and very counter productive. 

Pandering Socialist Governor Jay Nixon, President Pinocchio Obama, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder and Black Community Leaders need to put on their big boy and girl pants and say ENOUGH.  Poverty Pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others inciting these protests and riots should be sent packing by saying out loud that they are not welcome in St. Louis.   If Protests are allowed to continue, they should be confined to some area where looting and destruction are impossible so that business can resume, which is in everyone's interests.  The lame stream left wing media must be put on a tight leash because they too are sensationalizing what is happening in St. Louis for ratings.  

While this investigation needs to be finalized to determine what really happened no matter how long it takes, there should be a commitment to hire more Black Cops in Ferguson, Missouri, which is about 67% Black.  It is ridiculous that the police force does not reflect the community; however, only 6% of Blacks in Ferguson even bother to vote in local elections.   So shame on them.  As a result, the Mayor and City Council are White.  Out of 50 Cops in Ferguson only three are Black.  This happens in the Mid West, in particular, where overt, or covert racism is more alive than in the South because of family nepotism.   White Cops hire their family members who many times have been Cops for generations because the pay and pensions are pretty good.  While this Blogger does not support Affirmative Action, this is about Common Sense, not preferential  hiring.  It is only Common Sense that a good number of Cops in Ferguson, Missouri should be Black.   This may not have changed the killing of Michael Brown because it is very possible that a Black Cop would have reacted the very same way as Darren Wilson, the White Cop that killed Brown after he was attacked by him; but at least this would not be a Black and White issue.    

And, since Blacks were actually better off when George W Bush was President than when Obama took over six years ago, it is time for Obama to stop dividing the nation and to implement pro-growth, free market economics, rather than Socialist Schemes that continue to destroy jobs, hurting minorities the most.   Unemployment in Ferguson, Missouri is more than 13%, double the national rate.  And, no doubt it is actually much worse in Ferguson as many of those people protesting on the streets are on Welfare and Food Stamps and therefore they are not in these numbers.  Typical family assets in Ferguson average just $10,000 when the national average is $30,000.  After spending trillions of dollars on the War On Poverty since the Great Society, 26% of Blacks still live in poverty, which is more than 10 million Americans.  This is more than double the percentage of Whites living in poverty.   This is the case because many living in poverty of all colors are functionally illiterate and they lack marketable job skills because inner city public schools have often failed to educate.     

Poverty continues for many reasons that must be addressed starting with 7 out of 10 Black babies being born out of wedlock.  And our public schools in the inner city often do not educate these children as 32% of Blacks do not graduate from high school.  Grown-Up's of all colors need to speak the truth to solve problems in the inner cities of our country.   Until the truth be told, nothing will change. 

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