Friday, August 15, 2014

Riots In St. Louis - The Real Story

It seems like every year a White cop kills a Black young man somewhere in the country in the line of duty.  When it happens, no matter the circumstances, it often sparks protests in the Black Community charging Racism.   It has happened again.  This time in Ferguson, Missouri, a Black suburb of St. Louis.  Officer Darren Wilson, with no history of inappropriate behaviors, was responding to a Strong Arm Robbery Call from a convenience store in Ferguson ten minutes earlier.  He apparently encountered Michael Brown and his side kick and now witness Dorian Johnson nearby who fit the description of the robbers.  An altercation occurred and Michael Brown was shot dead.  This is what we know as of now.   Whenever an "innocent" American of any race is killed by someone in an arm of government, there should be an investigation and swift justice.  If Officer Wilson acted incorrectly, he should be prosecuted; however, it appears that the Cop was just doing his job.  Time will tell. 

The real story here is not just the protests that are taking place; but the Black trouble makers, many of whom came from out of the area to riot, destroy private property and loot the stores in the area using the death of Michael Brown as their excuse for mayhem and robbery.  And of course, the poverty pimps, that have gotten rich off the misery of the poor, always show up when one of these incidents occurs in this case Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers throwing gasoline on the fire.  These characters shout No Peace Without Justice, when they should be saying No Justice Without The Truth.  In the mean time, both Socialist President Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder stick their noses into the case to satisfy their PEEP's in the Black Community, so now the Justice Department is involved in the investigation.  

But what this Blogger wants to know is why are there no protests about the several thousand Black on Black murders committed each year, primarily in our inner cities, by Black Gang Bangers in their fight for drug territory.   Where is Obama and Holder concerning those murders.  And or, where is the outrage about the innocent Black kids that are often killed in the cross fire by these Black Thugs.  While every life is precious, so a killing by a Cop of an innocent person, if this is one, is tragic, but what about all these other murders.  Given the war zones that exist in our inner cities, it is rare that a Cop does wrong against an innocent person. 

But, the Black on Black crime that happens every day is real and growing.   Why aren't Black leaders in the streets of our inner cities every weekend protesting these murders to stop them.  And, where is the lame street left wing media related to Black on Black crime.  The answer is that they are all missing in action because it is not politically correct to point out the dysfunction that exists in the Black inner city, where 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock and Welfare and Food Stamps are a way of life for millions.  Black young people, hanging around on street corners occurs because they have no jobs in the Obama economy.   This is the real story and tragedy.

However, what is equally concerning in this most recent incident in St. Louis is the militarization of  city police forces around the country.  Armed by Homeland Security, presumably to deal with the unrest and civil strife that will eventually come from the economic collapse of the United States, whenever the police force comes out today to quell violence, it is as though they are American Soldiers on the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan.  The police are dressed and armed for war, not civil service.  This is dangerous and will result in over reaction as apparently has happened in St. Louis.  The police should be in place to keep the peace, not make war on American citizens.   The police need certain equipment to deal with drug lords and Gang Bangers; but they don't need military style assault weapons and tanks on our city streets.   All of this has gone too far in the name of Homeland Security giving us all reasons to fear big government.    

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