Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jimmy Carter Has Finally Lost His Mind

Socialist President Jimmy Carter, certainly one of the worst President's, along with Obama in American history, is now calling for the United States to recognize Hamas, as the legitimate government of Gaza, when in fact it is a Terrorist organization committed to both the destruction of Israel and freedom as we know it.   Carter, who has been an enemy to Israel for years, has finally lost his mind.  

Hamas is a Terrorist organization, just like Hezbollah, Al Queda and ISIS in Iraq.   These fanatics have murdered Muslims, Christians and Jews in their hatred for freedom.  They want to create an anti-Western caliphate that stretches from North Africa to Iran and beyond.  They want to kill Americans, Mr. Carter and given the chance they would do just that.   What ever happened to not negotiating with Terrorists, the American position for decades. 

Other moderate Arab countries, if there is such a thing, are actually cheering Israel on encouraging the Israeli government to destroy Hamas because  other Muslims see the likes of Hamas as a threat to their own countries.  They are watching the Islamic radical fanatics in Syria and Iraq and countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and others know they could be next.  

Though Jimmy Carter has done good work related to Habitat for Humanity, it is time for Carter to mind his own business and finally retire to a nice Assisted Living facility in Plains, Georgia where he lives.   We suffered four years of Jimmy Carter when he was President.   We certainly don't need to hear from him ever again.   

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