Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hollywood Drug Culture - Another Tragic Death

Once again, we see another dead Hollywood personality who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for years.  In this case, it is brilliant actor and comedian Robin Williams who committed suicide presumably as a result of the depression that he suffered.  What we see now is Hollywood and the lame stream left wing media praising Williams talents and grieving his death as we all do.  However, what we will not see is any mention of the substance abuse that played a roll in Williams suicide and death.  The reason is that there is a drug culture in Hollywood that accepts the use of drugs as normal.  Many of the successful in Hollywood have the money to not only buy marijuana; but harder drugs like cocaine and even heroin that they use regularly.   It is these very same people along with the lame stream left wing media that argue for the legalization of marijuana, a gateway drug to harder stuff.   They just don't learn from these tragic deaths every year because like all addicts, they think they can control their habits.  

But, even if we could care less about Hollywood deaths, the reality is that thousands of Americans die each year because of alcohol and drug abuse.  Many of the dysfunctional families in the United States are impacted by substance abuse; yet there is a drive to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.  It seems pretty dumb to this Blogger. 

Robin William's death reminds this Blogger of the musical Pippin, where the main character is tempted by the Devil with riches, fame, power, money and carnal pleasures only to find that none of these things brought self fulfillment.  Pippin experiences the love of a woman and family; but he finds family life too mundane to provide long term happiness.  So at the Devil's urging he moves on to these other pursuits.  Finally, when nothing works for Pippin, the Devil tells him that the only thing left for him to do is to commit suicide to join the Devil in "paradise" forever; which was the Devil's goal all along.  

Fortunately, for Pippin, he realizes before committing suicide, that the love he had from his family was the most important of all.  So Pippin ends up on the stage, in nothing but a loin cloth, left only with the simple woman and her son as the basis of his self fulfillment.  Unfortunately, for Robin Williams, though he had it all, after three marriages and children from them, he succumbed to the Devil's final solution, rather than recognizing in time what was really important in life. 

It it time for Hollywood and the lame stream left wing media to stop glorifying drug use.  Alcohol and drug addiction kills people.  Why not have a Just Say No campaign in Hollywood.  And, all of those who get rich on the talents of entertainers must stop encouraging these destructive behaviors by looking the other way when their patrons live with drugs on a daily basis.   In addition, the pushers are guilty of murder when anyone dies from drug addiction.  Those in the pubic eye are roll models for young Americans.  If drugs are viewed as acceptable, it encourages young people to use drugs.  This all has to STOP to prevent the thousands of deaths that happen each year from alcohol and drug abuse.

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