Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama Is A Smart Stupid Man

This Blogger recognizes that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has a high IQ and may be the smartest guy in the room, or so he thinks.   The problem is that Obama apparently never took and passed Economics 101, International Relations 325 and World History.  If he did take any of these courses, it is pretty certain that he never learned the lessons taught.  Obama operates from his own Socialist ideological framework, which often denies reality.

As such, we still have a weak economy, years after the Recession supposedly ended, with 50 million people on Food Stamps and Welfare.  More than 10 million Americans are now on Disability Benefits because there simply are no jobs for them; not because they can't work.  And, about 10 million more Americans have just dropped out of the workforce altogether.  Wall Street and the Stock Market are doing just great because of cheap money and lay-off's that have cut costs.  But Main Street, including the Middle Class, is suffering all because of Obama's Socialist Schemes that have destroyed jobs. 

Obama is clueless when it comes to foreign affairs.  The world is on fire while Obama vacations in Martha's Vineyard.  We fought a bloody war in both Afghanistan and Iraq to deny Terrorists bases from which to operate and attack our country.  And what we have today are Terrorists gaining control across North Africa and the Middle East.  We are much less safe today than the day Obama took office after being elected in 2008.  What is happening in Iraq is a clear and present danger to our nation; yet Obama has failed to stop ISIS from taking over that nation and threatening other countries in the Middle East and eventually attacking our homeland. 

The reality is that crazy Joe Biden was right about Iraq.   There is nothing sacred about a unified Iraq.  We should advocate that Iraq be broken up into three countries; Kurdistan, Sunni Iraq and Shite Iraq and we should act to make it happen by helping to destroy ISIS.   Further, we should stop pushing for a two state solution in Israel.  Instead, we should support Jordan taking over the West Bank and Egypt taking over Gaza.  Clearly, what we have been doing for years in the Middle East has failed, so why continue the same failed policies. 

Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are enemies of the United States and our allies.   These countries have or will have nuclear weapons aimed at the United States; yet Obama acts like they are no threat to our country.  We are seeing Russia and China in action in the Ukraine and in the South China Sea.   These two countries intend to take over territory in their regions.  It is time for Obama to authorize the Missile Defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic that he unilaterally cancelled when he became President to protect against missiles fired from Russia and or countries in the Middle East.   We also need to contain China and North Korea by encouraging Japan to rearm, including developing nuclear weapons, to maintain the balance of power in Asia. 

Obama may be smart in terms of IQ, but he is no Ronald Reagan.  Reagan may not have had as high an IQ as Obama; but Reagan clearly understood the threats we faced in the world when he was President.  Reagan had no problem calling the old Soviet Union an "evil empire".   We now see Putin acting just like former Soviet Dictators; yet Obama's has his naive head is in the sand.  There is no substitute for Common Sense and Reagan's Peace Through Strength, concepts that Obama just does not understand.   As a result, we face danger around the world.   The next President will have to clean up the mess Obama will leave behind and it is not going to be pretty. 

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