Friday, August 15, 2014

The Militarization Of US Police Departments - Why?

When the Police Department in Boston basically declared Marshall Law to capture the Boston Bombers, we saw the extent of all the military hardware used by local police.   We saw it again recently in St. Louis to put down riots and looting as a result of the killing of Michael Brown.   Under a government program in place since the 90's called 1033, the Defense Department is making available military equipment, often for free, to Local Police Departments.  Local Police Departments are being given military garb, grenade launchers, helicopters, machine guns and other automatic weapons, tank like vehicles and even military aircraft to patrol city streets.   SWAT Teams are now being used for routine police actions.  Local Police Departments are turning into military units on our city streets. 

While the police do need the right equipment to deal with drug lords and Gang Bangers, why on earth do they need this equipment to deal with typical crimes.  This is about the Boys playing with their new toys; but in the process they are terrorizing the American people.  This Blogger once saw the ATF literally attack the home of a neighbor, an old man and his wife from Latin America, suspected of drug sales.   The ATF came with automatic weapons and broke the door down.  We never saw the old couple again.  Their home was seized and sold.   

This Blogger believes that the federal government, in the name of Homeland Security, is purposely arming local police departments to deal with the day that we see the civil strife and riots on our streets that will come from the economic collapse of the United States.   Those in power fear the rise of the Tea Party; though not violent in any way, that they see as anti-government.  It is true that most Tea Party members are opposed to big government favoring instead limited Constitutional government, as was intended by our Founding Fathers.  We see the government as the problem and not the solution.  However, it is not the Tea Party government elites and bureaucrats need to fear; but rather the 50 million people on Welfare and Food Stamps that will surely riot when those monies stop because the government simply cannot borrow any more money to  provide for so many people on the dole.  That is the real threat to our country. 

Homeland Security has purchased thousands of assault rifles, the same AK-15's that Socialists want to ban from private ownership and millions of rounds of ammunition to use against who?  Homeland Security is focused on the internal security of the United States.  Obviously, Homeland Security sees a threat from the American people. Arming Local Police Departments with military equipment is part of this story.  All of us that have learned the lessons of history recognize that we need to fear big, over reaching government that has frequently murdered its own citizens.  Don't think it can't happen in the US because it has happened many times in history and even in the US.  The American people should stand up and say NO to the militarization of our Local Police Departments.   They don't need all this equipment to keep the peace.  The equipment they have is designed to make war on the American people.  We don't need the Gestapo patrolling our city streets and that is where we are headed.   

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