Friday, August 1, 2014

Israel - Forget About A Two State Solution

There has been a discussion and negotiations for years in an attempt to create two states, side by side, presumably living in peace, Israel and Palestine.  It should be clear by now that this is not going to happen and further that it makes no sense.   How many wars, how many cease fires, how many deaths on both sides do we need to see before the international community and both Israel and Palestinians realize that this is impossible. 

Israel has fairly normal relations with both Egypt and Jordon.   The Gaza Strip used to be part of Egypt and should be so again.  The West Bank used to was part of Jordon and should be so again.   Sunni Arabs control both these countries.  Palestinians are Sunni Arabs that should be comfortable being part of Egypt or Jordon.   Amman, Jordon is the Capital of the West Bank.  Cairo, Egypt is the Capital of the Gaza Strip.   Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel as it has been for thousands of years, since the time of King David.

Once relations are normalized with all Islamic countries, there should be no reason why Muslims, from around the world cannot visit Jerusalem, as a holy city to them, the same way Christians from around the world come to Israel as tourists.  If the two state solution is abandoned in favor of common sense, we can see peace in the Middle East, once and for all.   We need to encourage more democracy and religious freedom in Jordon and Egypt, along with all Islamic countries, as the key to their economic prosperity.  Palestinians are either Jordanian, or Egyptian by ancestry.   It is what it is, so why not recognize reality and stop all this discussion about a two state solution that is a road to more misery, continuous war and instability in the Middle East.       

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