Sunday, August 31, 2014

War In Europe

Though the old Soviet Union had tanks on the ground in various countries in Eastern Europe after World War II,  what is happening in Ukraine, right in the heart of Europe, is the first time we have had War in Europe since the end of World War II.  It is happening for several reasons.   Russian Fascist Dictator Vladamir Putin has been emboldened by NATO and Obama's weakness in particular.   When Obama unilaterally took that missile defense system out of Poland and the Czech Republic, without getting anything in return from Putin, Putin knew he was dealing with a weak and ineffective US President.  

In addition, NATO's military has steadily been downsized.  There are few if any tanks on the ground in Western Europe at the same time that Putin has spent the last 10 years rebuilding Russia's military.   How could we not see this train coming.   Further, Western Europe's dependence on Russia's natural gas and oil makes it hard for them to take action of any kind against Russia and Putin knows it.  Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady and former Prime Minister of Great Britain, warned that this day would come and here we are. 

What Obama and our Allies in NATO should do immediately is send heavy arms to Ukraine.  Obama should announce that the missile defense system is going into Poland and the Czech Republic, whether Russia likes it or not.  And, we must get tanks, planes and other heavy equipment to NATO countries bordering Russia.  We must get American oil and Natural Gas to Europe and as quickly as possible.  This is addition to stringent sanctions that hurt the Russian economy is the only way to deter this aggression.   Will we never learn the lessons of history.   We have seen this story many times before.

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