Saturday, August 9, 2014

Christians Being Persecuted & Murdered By Islamic Fanatics

Christians are being persecuted and murdered in many Islamic countries by radical Islamic Fascists around the world.   Yet, we hear no condemnation at the United Nations, or from many governments, even in the Western World.  Why is that?  It is important to recognize that many of our allies in the Middle East do not allow religious freedom.  And, in fact, many so called Islamic religious leaders preach not only hatred of Jews; but also of Christians and other religions, as well.   How can the United States call a country an ally that does not allow religious freedom in that country. 

It is time for Western countries, in particular, that have business dealings with these Islamic countries to tell them that they must allow religious freedom in their countries to have normal relations with our countries.   This is no threat to Islam.  If anything Islamic countries should be reminded that their Golden Era occurred when in fact they practiced religious freedom.  All of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa have had Christians and Jews living side by side with Muslims for centuries.  I am well aware of the bloody Crusades that lasted several decades; but Muslims prevailed.   As such, it is time to recognize that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all peoples of the "Book" meaning the Bible, Torah, or Koran giving these three religions common roots.  And, that Judaism and Christianity pre date Islam, in the case of Judaism by several thousand years. 

Muslims recognize Abraham, Moses and even Mary and Jesus in the Koran; yet Islamic fanatics persecute and murder Jews and Christians in the name of Islamic orthodoxy.   This is happening because more moderate Muslim countries have not only tolerated the hatred preached in many mosques; but have even paid for it.  Saudi Arabia finances Madrases around the world,  Muslim schools, that often teach hatred.  This is not a benign action.   It is the basis for many of the murders we see happening in Iraq and other countries.  Teaching children to hate Christians, Jews and people of other religions must be condemned to stop these crazy fanatics that in the end will destroy Islam.  Business as usual with Islamic governments that do nothing to condemn this hatred should stop.     

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