Friday, August 29, 2014

Obama Has No Strategy For Dealing With ISIS Or Russia

Even though Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has known about the Islamic Fascist Terrorist threat, known as ISIS in Syria and Iraq for more than a year, Obama has admitted that he has no strategy for dealing with them.  Remember, this is the President who just said last January that ISIS was a JV team as though these killers are basketball players.   These Islamic Fascists are so brutal in killing Muslims, Christians, Jews and other minorities in the region that not even Al Queda wants anything to do with them.  Maybe if Obama would spend more time doing his job in the White House, rather than on vacation playing golf and or raising money for the Socialist Party, Obama would have a strategy to deal with this serious threat to the United States.

ISIS has recruited thousands of fighters from many Western countries, including America.  That means that since they have Western passports, they can come to the United States, at will, to murder our people; let alone across our border with Mexico illegally.   Terrorism can happen at shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters etc. not just in airports, or on airplanes.   It would be very easy for just 10 Terrorists to plant bombs, just about anywhere in the United States, killing thousands in one day in multiple cities, which would wreak havoc on our economy.    All of Obama's advisers, including the CIA, have warned Obama of this threat; yet he dawdles and has no strategy to deal with these brutal Terrorists as they commit genocide and murder hundreds of people every day.

Similarly, after taking the Crimea by aggressive action, Russia has now attacked the Ukraine, a sovereign country in the middle of Europe, in violation of their treaty agreement.   Obama could see this coming as the Russian Dictator and former head of the old Soviet Union Secret Police,  Vladamir Putin has been massing forces on their border with the Ukraine for months.  This has occurred because Obama has refused to send the Ukrainian government heavy armaments to defend themselves.  This Blogger once said that Obama is a smart stupid man.  The President's job is to see the train coming to prevent a train wreck. 

Sadly, everything Obama touches turns into a train wreck because he obviously cannot make decisions in a timely manner.  Further, Obama just does not understand that his words and lack of action have consequences.  Thousands of people are dying now and many more will die in the future because Obama is naive, weak and incompetent.   All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 and weep for the dead until then. 

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