Monday, August 18, 2014

The Real Tragedy In Black Inner City America

Taking of innocent life, including the 50 million abortions that have occurred in the last 40 years, many in the inner cities of our country, is a tragedy when ever and where ever it happens.   As we see riots and protests in St. Louis concerning the death of Michael Brown, if this is ruled a murder by a police officer, rather than justifiable homicide in the line of duty, the police officer should be tried and convicted.   That said, in the same time period there were two murders and 14 wounded as a result of Black on Black crime in Chicago alone in the last week.  Year to date, there have been 218 murders in inner city Black Chicago.  34 of those murders have been children under the age of 18.   These statistics are just for Chicago.   If we were to add in the other inner cities of our nation, Black on Black crime would add several hundred more murders.  

These numbers are the result of Black Gang Bangers often fighting over drug turf, vendettas for past deaths and or people who just got caught in the cross fire.    These deaths have occurred not because of legal gun acquisition; but rather illegal gun acquisition.  So anyone calling for more gun control to stop this violence is shooting blanks.  Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the country and among the highest murder rates.  The question is where are the protests concerning these murders.   While what has happened in St. Louis is a tragedy, that tragedy happens every day in our Black inner cities; yet we don't see outrage from left wing politicians, including the President and Attorney General, from Black Activists, or from the left wing lame stream media that does not even cover these stories, perhaps because they have become routine. 

While these needless deaths are a tragedy, the real tragedy in Black Inner City America is that after spending trillions of taxpayers dollars since the Great Society, 26% of Blacks still live in poverty, in our inner cities, or about 10 million Blacks.  12% of Whites live in poverty or about 39 million Americans.  So, Blacks have a poverty rate more than double Whites.  Many of these people are in the 50 million Americans getting Food Stamps and Welfare; though obviously far more Whites in real numbers than Blacks are on the dole.  The Black Unemployment Rate is double the White unemployment rate as well because many of these people are functionally illiterate with no marketable job skills.   While 20% of all Americans do not graduate from high school,  32% of Blacks fail to graduate from high school, which is a sure road to continued poverty.  7 out of 10 Black babies each year are born out of wedlock to single Mom's presumably on Welfare with no Dad in the picture.  Though perhaps not true in all cases, the odds are pretty good that this leads to kids with problems. 

These numbers are the real tragedy in Black Inner City America because it is often these numbers contributing to the hopelessness and deaths in the Black Community.   Until all of these numbers improve by personal responsibility and Black leaders willing to call it like it is, we will continue to see misery, pain and suffering in the Black Community.  Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope.   While 26% of Blacks live in poverty, 74% of Blacks, or about 29 million Americans have made it into the mainstream in the last 40 years by hard work, often over coming obstacles to success, just like all generations of Americans of all colors.  These successful Blacks, like all Middle and Upper Class Americans, earned high school and college degrees giving them job skills that are marketable.  The key to success and upward mobility like always is Focus, Discipline and Passion to live the American Dream.  It does not happen any other way. 

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