Monday, August 4, 2014

Ohio Sheriff Bills Mexico $900,000 For Dealing With Mexican Criminals

Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones sent a bill to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto for $900,000, the estimated cost of arresting and jailing about 3,000 Mexican Nationals in the last ten years.   This amount was actually very conservative, since it did not include all the legal expenses necessary to dealing with these criminals.   It is about time that someone in the United States holds Mexico responsible for the financial harm they are doing to our country by failing to stop both their citizens and others passing through Mexico from coming into our country illegally.

The fact is that the Coyotes that charge big money to transport these people into the United States are no doubt tied to the Mexican government, one way or another, since bribes and corruption in Mexico are common.  They call it "Mordita" for money paid under the table, over the table and across the table.  Everyone knows that Mexican government officials, at various levels, are in on these smuggling deals, whether of people, or drugs.  Corruption is just part of Mexican culture.  It is a way of life for many in Mexico involved in crime.  Sorry, but the truth is what it is. 

We need to hold Mexico responsible for the billions of dollars they cost American Taxpayers every year to support Illegal Aliens in our schools, hospitals and the legal system.  This is money that we have to borrow from the Chinese and others because we are broke.  Instead, we should send the bill to Mexico.  We can call it an "Environmental Impact Fee".  Gosh, maybe the bill should come from the EPA Gestapo.  We can't continue being Mexico's safety value.  38 families control all the wealth in Mexico while many live in poverty seeking to come to the United States for a better life. 

As the grandson of legal immigrants, I get it.  The only problem is that when my Italian Grandparents came to America, there was no safety net.  People either worked or starved.  Immigrants who came to America in the 19th and 20th centuries built our country.  They did not rely on other American taxpayers, or the government for support.  That is not true today.  While Illegal Aliens theoretically provide cheap labor, studies show that the actual cost of their labor is about $20 an hour given all the government services they utilize without paying in cooresponding taxes.   In any case, it is about time we hold Mexico responsible for the negative impact they are having on our country.   They have oil.  They can pay our billings in dollars, or in oil, their choice.        

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