Saturday, August 23, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - There He Goes Again

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, is famous for sticking both his feet in his mouth by saying some of the dumbest things imaginable.  Ole Dirty Harry did it again, while speaking before the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.  Reid was there actually seeking their endorsement for the Socialist candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Lucy Flores.   During his speech, Dirty Harry said to the group of Asian Americans in the room, " I don't think you're smarter than anybody else, but you have convinced alot of us you are".  Reid went on to say, "one problem that I have had today is keeping my Wong's straight.   These comments were deemed racially insensitive.   So when Reid's staff told him he was a big dope, of course he apologized; but it was too late.   The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce endorsed Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Mark Hutchison.  

Many in Nevada believe that Dirty Harry Reid has suffered mini-strokes, which could be an explanation for many of his really stupid statements.   Clearly, the part of his brain that often controls his mouth is turned off.   However, even more important, Reid is guilty of malfeasance.  Reid single handedly push ObamaCare through the Senate in the middle of the night, without one single Republican vote, by ignoring the long standing rules of the Senate.  And, it is Dirty Harry Reid that is responsible for the Do Nothing Congress because Reid will not allow several hundred bills enacted by the Republican controlled House of Representatives, many with bipartisan support, to even come up for a vote in the Senate.  That makes Reid a job killer. 

Along with Obama, Reid is personally responsible for the higher taxes and regulations that have created a lousy economy giving us the lowest labor participation rate, around 62%, since Jimmy Carter, another failed Socialist President, was in office.   No doubt, if Republicans regain control of the Senate in 2014, which is very feasible, the long knives will come out in the Socialist Party because Chucky Schumer is just waiting in line to get rid of Reid.  If and when it happens, it will be none to soon for the nation; although Schumer of New York, is equally partisan and left wing.  

If Reid is deposed, one would think Reid would just go away and retire in 2016 to that hell hole he calls home in Search Light, Nevada about 60 miles, from Las Vegas in the desert.  But, don't count on it.  Politics is the Reid family business as all his sons and daughters have gotten rich, one way or another, feeding at their dad's trough.  Most likely, Senator Dirty Harry Reid will have to drop death to end this story.  When that happens, there are many in Nevada and around the country that would wear red to his funeral because this one man has done more to harm our country than perhaps any other politician in many generations.    It will be good riddance when the Senator Dirty Harry Reid meets his maker; that's for sure.     

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