Friday, August 8, 2014

Obama Finally Orders "Limited" Air Strikes In Iraq

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has finally ordered "limited" air strikes in Iraq to stop ISIS, the radical Islamic Fascists from murdering Christians and other minorities in Iraq.   It may be too little too late.  What is needed is a coalition of the willing, the same as occurred when Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait, to destroy ISIS.   This certainly should include Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and NATO countries because ISIS is a clear and present danger to the National Security of the United States and all of these countries. 

ISIS is attempting to establish a Radical Islamic Caliphate across North Africa, the whole Middle East and beyond.  If they end up in Jordan, Israel will have to react to the threat to their country.  This is not just a battle between Sunni and Shite Muslims.  If ISIS is not stopped in Iraq and Syria,  the Terrorist Threat coming from them will hit other countries in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.   Obama is so incredible stupid and naive.   If Iraq falls to these fanatics, it will only be the beginning.  For better or worse the United States must use massive air power to destroy ISIS all over Iraq and even Syria.  

This should have happened six months ago, long before ISIS was just outside Baghdad.  This does not mean sending our troops in again into Iraq; but it does mean targeting these Islamic Fascists all over Iraq and Syria.  Failure to do it now, will just mean we will have to use troops at some point to defend the United States and surrounding countries.  

Obama will leave the next President of the United States a world in turmoil because of his feckless and weak foreign policy.   Just wishing evil away does not destroy it.  We are facing a greater Terrorist Threat today than when George W Bush was President because Obama simply does not understand the threat.   Iran, the biggest state sponsor of Terrorism, will have nuclear weapons because of Obama's inability to actually enforce a red line in the sand.   Ironically, Iran may need those weapons to defend themselves against ISIS if we don't stop ISIS now. 

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