Friday, August 1, 2014

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Collective Bargaining Limits

In a major victory for Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin, their State Supreme Court upheld logical limits on Collective Bargaining rights for public employees.   It took Walker's courage and iron will to confront the public employee unions, which is what should be happening all over the United States; but particularly in states controlled by Republicans.  Even Socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt was opposed to Collective Bargaining for public employees because he knew is was inconsistent with the public interests. 

We also see how corrosive public employee unions are to our political system because their political donations hold hostage Socialist candidates making it impossible for them to act in the best interest of the people.  In essence, Socialist candidates are bribed into providing unsustainable compensation, benefits and work rules that are detrimental to the public interest. 

Instead, public employees should be governed by non-partisan Civil Service Commissions composed of appointees by the President and the Governors of each states.  The appointees should have staggered four year terms.  The mission of Civil Service Commissions is to listen to all sides; but ultimately to do what is in the best interest of the American people.   And, additional laws should be enacted which require that compensation and benefits for public employees be pegged to what is common for Mid Sized companies in the private sector; no more and no less.  Why should any public employee earn more in pay and benefits than what is common in the private sector.   In addition, it must be easier to fire an incompetent public employee; again only common sense. 

What has occurred in Wisconsin is a start in limiting public employee union over reach and corruption.   This battle is far from over.   Brave elected officials must continue to fight for the American people.  It will be tough; but it must be done to prevent the bankruptcy of states and the United States.    

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