Sunday, August 17, 2014

St Louis Riots & Protests - The Truth Is On Trial

What we are seeing in St. Louis, related to the Riots and Protests occurring because of the shooting death of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson in the line of duty, is the racial divide that exists in the United States.   We don't have the facts yet, however, Blacks are calling this shooting a murder.   It is not a murder until a jury says it is a murder.  While there are many homicides that occur each year as result of Black on Black crime that are murders, to call this killing a murder before we have the facts just inflames the Black Community.  And, it is a disservice to our nation.  There are two investigations going on; one local and one by 40 FBI agents sent in by Liar Attorney General Eric Holder.   In addition, we need to see the result of the autopsy report to determine not only the number of bullets fired at Brown and the trajectory; but whether Brown was intoxicated on drugs or alcohol that could have caused his aggressive behaviors.

The video showing Michael Brown and his sidekick Dorian Johnson committing a Strong Arm Robbery at the nearby convenience store just a few minutes before the altercation with the police officer is absolutely relevant to this case because it demonstrates Brown's aggressive behaviors.   Michael Brown has been portrayed as an otherwise good kid and innocent 18 year old "teenager" and high school graduate on his way to college.   The reality is that Michael Brown was a 6 foot 4 inch 300 pound man, that a few minutes before he was killed, robbed a convenience store stealing a $50 box of cigars.  In doing so, he physically accosted the store clerk and exhibited very aggressive behaviors that were captured on video.   We also need to know more about both Brown and his friend Johnson to better understand their personal history, which would give us an indication of their aggressive tendencies.  No doubt, if this case goes to trial all of these factors will come out. 

It is highly doubtful that 28 year old Officer Darren Wilson was anywhere near the size of Michael Brown; but that remains to be seen.  What has been reported is that Brown attacked Wilson in his police car and that a shot was fired while they both scuffled in the car.  Wilson apparently suffered bruises because of the attack, which if true have no doubt been documented.   Besides these facts so far, there is no way to know what finally motivated Officer Darren Wilson to shoot to kill Michael Brown.  Since Wilson, who was on the police force for six years is reported to be very mild mannered with a clean record, we can only surmise that he feared for his life; but again all of this remains to be seen and proven. 

The racial divide in our country, made worse by our first Black President, often makes it impossible for common sense and in this case fairness to prevail.   Officer Darren Wilson is innocent until proven guilty.   That is just how our legal system works.  Blacks on the streets of St. Louis, spurred on by Black Poverty Pimps and the Black Panthers that make their living off the misery of the poor, are all screaming No Peace Without Justice when they should be saying No Justice Without Truth.  Until the facts all come out, Truth Is On Trial.   Even if Officer Darren Wilson acted properly in the line of duty, the politics will most likely require a lengthy trial.  And, after dealing with this case for a miserable year or two, if Wilson is found innocent, there will still be Blacks in America that will call him a murderer, threatening his life.   Sadly, it is what it is.  Why on earth would anyone want to be a Cop in the inner cities of our country. 

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