Saturday, August 2, 2014

Veterans - Held As Prisoners Of War By Congress

Republicans and Socialists came together to enact a $16.3 Billion bill to "help" Veterans forced to get health care through the corrupt and inefficient Veteran's Affairs Medical System.  Instead of privatizing the whole system, which is what should have happened, Congress has provided even more money to the very people who cooked the books to steal bonuses from the American taxpayer, while providing horrible service to our Veterans.   Only in government is failure rewarded with more money instead of the jail time that should be happening. 

Republicans that typically support School Vouchers and choice for kids in failing public schools and Socialists that always support the unlimited right for women to choose abortion did not come together to support Choice for Veterans.  Why the hell not??  Clearly, Veterans who do not already have medical insurance through their employers and who do not qualify for ObamaCare Subsidies for private medical insurance should be given a Government Insurance Card and allowed to choose between private care and Veterans Affairs Medical Assistance Care.  If the care is bad from the Veterans Medical System, then VETS should be able to vote with their feet and seek out care in the private system, without any restrictions.   We owe VETS freedom of choice for fighting for our freedom. 

This $16.3 billion going to the Veterans Affairs Department, when spending has already increased dramatically in the last 5 - 10 years, is money down a rat hole that does nothing but reward the public employee union members working at Veterans Medical Facilities.   When will we see common sense implemented related to government programs that are often guilty of waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy and corruption.   Obviously, the most recent Veterans Affairs Bill, enacted by Congress, is just one more example of government stupidity.    If you see your Congressman or Senator, while they are on vacation raising money for their campaigns this summer, make your voices heard.  Tell them Enough is Enough.    

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