Friday, August 22, 2014

Islamic Fascists - Recognizing Evil

President Ronald Reagan referred to the Communist Soviet Union as an "evil empire" and was criticized by Socialists in Western Countries, including our own and the left wing lame stream media for his characterization.  However, Reagan knew evil when he saw evil, which is what caused him to conspire with Pope John Paul, the Polish Pope, who also knew evil first hand to bring down Communism.  Evil cannot be confronted and destroyed if it is not recognized for what it is.   Today, we are facing Islamic Fascists, no different than NAZI's, determined to create a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  To do so, they are murdering Muslim's, Christians and Jews and even committing genocide in Iraq, Syria and North Africa. 

These Islamic Fascists are not orthodox Muslims, similar to orthodox Christians or Jews, but rather agents of the devil killing in the name of God.  Assuming there is a devil, which this Blogger believes is the case, what better way is there to do evil than to use the name of God to commit murder and genocide.  Even Secularists that do not believe in God must recognize the evil of Islamic Fascism the same way we confronted NAZI's and Communists who were evil agents of the devil.   As such, Western political leaders, in particular, must take this threat seriously, call it what is it and work together to destroy it.   We cannot allow Islamic Fascists to succeed in Iraq, Syria or North Africa.  We are at the same point today the world was at in 1938 when Adolf Hitler began his evil scheme to dominate the world.   Western leaders initially practiced appeasement hoping Hitler  could be contained.   We know the end of this tragic story as millions of people throughout the world died because Hitler was not stopped early in this process. 

We must learn the lessons of history.   We are now facing evil as bad as Hitler.   Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and other Western leaders and even some Middle Eastern countries that are supposed to be our allies must come together to destroy Islamic Fascists to stop this evil.  If we don't do it now, we will face another World War worse that World War II.   We can't let that happen.   Evil must be confronted and destroyed now. 

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