Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Biden Crime Family - Drug Addiction and Senility A Plausible Excuse For Memory Lapse

We can see this train coming.  Joe Biden can't recall any of the meetings he was in with his son Hunter Biden putting crooked deals together so that the Big Guy, Joe could get his 10% of the take.  And, of course Hunter had a serious drug addiction problem until just a few years ago if what we are are hearing is true according to Joe Biden.  So naturally, Hunter can't be faulted for doing what he was doing when he was drugged out of his mind.  And, then there is Jimmy Biden, Joe's brother who was in on the deals too.  Not sure what the excuse will be for his memory lapse under oath.  Jimmy was known as the Fixer everytime Joe or Hunter got themselves into trouble.  

Let's face it.  Joe Biden is either an incredible liar, or his senility causes him to to make up stories and deny others.  Hunter Biden was on drugs for years.  Hunter can have convenient amnesia when he has to testify under oath.  There may be months or even years that he can't recall.  No doubt, the Biden's will have high powered doctors testifying as to the impact of dementia and drug abuse on memory if either is ever indicted.  So, when Joe and Hunter just say, I don't remember, they could be telling the truth. 

That leaves Jimmy Boy Biden.  If worst comes to worst Joe and Hunter will throw Jimmy under the bus and he will take one for the team if he must for the sake of his family.  What is scary about all of this is that the Communist Chinese own the Biden's.  Any time, Joe Biden does not do as the Communist Chinese demand, they will just start leaking information that would put the Biden's in prison for corruption and maybe even treason for the rest of their lives.  Any time they want Joe Biden out of office all China needs to do is reveal all the corruption and pay-off's.  What do they care.  Everybody knows that China plays this game all over the world buying politicians.  So, Joe Biden does as he is told to do by China on the days he can remember who he is.  

The irony is that the Deep State has been trying to destroy Donald Trump for the past 6 years and he did nothing like the Biden or Clinton Crime Families.  Why would Trump take bribes.  Trump is already rich.  Trump could not be bought, which is why the Deep State wanted him gone.  But the Biden's needed to take bribes to live the high life.  Remember, Joe Biden has never had a real job in the last 50 years other than government positions.  The only way to get rich working in government is corruption and pay-off's and everybody knows it.  It is just the way the game is played in the DC Swamp.  

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