Monday, October 31, 2022

Mid Term Elections Are Not All About Abortion

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) realize now that they miscalculated in attempting to make the 2022 Midterm elections all about Abortion.  The reality is that Abortion voters were already voting for them anyway.  And, most Americans do not support Abortion right up until birth, the Democrat position.  Most Americans are either Pro-Life, including women, or support restrictions on late term abortions.  However, since Joe Biden has made such a mess of everything he has touched since the first day he took office and his poll ratings are in the toilet, the Democrats could not run on their record.  

The fact is that we are experiencing the highest inflation in four decades.  Real inflation if everything were counted is really more than 17%, which is killing all people living in our country.  Democrats were warned that enacting more multi-trillion dollar SwindleUs bills would lead to much higher inflation by Democrat economists and they did it anyway.  And even before that when Joe Biden and his pals declared war on American oil and gas companies by killing pipelines and leases on federal lands to pump for more oil and gas, they assured the shortages we are seeing that has led to higher energy prices.  Those higher prices are baked into everything we buy, eat, do etc, which is the reason cost of living is soaring.  

And, then there is rampant out of control crime that has come from defunding the police and implementing cashless bail that frees violent criminals rather than holding them in jail awaiting trial.  So they are out on the streets to commit even more crime.  We see the flash mobs breaking into stores to steal everything they can get their hands on.  We see the muggings happening on our streets recorded on cameras.  Gun sales are going through the roof because people feel the need to protect themselves.  

Bidenistas tell us the border is secure when we see the thousands of illegal aliens walking into our country everyday.  And, we know about the illegal drugs coming across our borders that are causing thousands of deaths from overdose and even just exposure to these drugs.  Our eyes see the real story.  

There is a Red Wave coming because inflation, crime and the border tops the list of concerns on the majority of Americans minds.  Abortion will not decide this election.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are clueless.  

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