Friday, October 28, 2022

25 Day Supply Of Diesel Oil - Crisis Coming - Vote For Republicans

In a little reported story, apparently there is only a 25 day supply of diesel oil in the United States.  Big rig trucks, trains and ships run on diesel oil.  Assuming there are goods to deliver, they are transported by trucks including gasoline to gas stations.  If we run out of diesel oil in the next month and or it is in short supply, it means store shelves will go empty.  Gas stations will not have gas at the pump.  Forget about Amazon deliveries at your doorstep because Amazon warehouse distribution centers will soon be empty.  As an oldtimer who remembers the gas lines during the Carter Presidency and the nightmare that it caused, we could see this happening again.   The last time, it led to the Reagan landslide when incompetent Jimmy Carter was thrown out office.  

Oil can either be processed into diesel or gasoline.  I suspect given the crisis that will be caused by lack of diesel oil, government will demand that diesel be processed instead of gasoline.  But if that happens, it will mean less gas at the pump.   All of this is happening because feckless Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist pals (AKA Democrats) declared war on carbon energy from the first day Biden took office.  American oil companies are not about to invest in new production and or refineries when Biden wants to put them out of business.  So not only are they producing less oil than when President Trump was in the White House, there is limited refinery capability to process it into diesel or gasoline.  

This is a national crisis that was completely avoidable.  Please, please vote for Republicans in the Mid Terms at all levels of government.  The Republican Party supports energy independence for the United States.  That means an all of the above policy to take advantage of the abundant carbon energy we have in the United States while we also focus on renewables.  These Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) climate change fanatics pushing the Green New Deal don't care if it destroys our economy and makes life miserable for the American people.   The only way to get back to the energy independence we had when Trump was President is to take back the Congress in 2022 and to elect a Republican President in 2024.  Vote for Republicans like your life depends on it because it really does.  

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