Sunday, October 2, 2022

Ukraine Seeking NATO Membership - Just Say No

Ukraine is seeking fast track membership to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  10 NATO countries have said they would vote Yes, perhaps including the United States.  It would require all 30 Members to win approval.  Let us hope that at least one of them vetoes the application for now.  Supposedly, Turkey is opposed.  Just so everyone understands what this would mean.  If Ukraine became a member of NATO, in addition to the billions of dollars NATO Countries are providing in weapons, NATO countries would be forced to send troops and provide air defenses.  This would mean war with Russia, which would quickly escalate to nuclear war because Russian Troops on the ground would be destroyed.  

While NATO countries should do what is necessary to help the Ukranians defend their country and push the Russians out of Ukraine, risking all out war, a Third World War would be crazy.  As it is, Russia may use tactical nuclear weapons to end Ukraine's defenses and then what?  Our best hope is that the Russian military deposes Vladimir Putin to put and end to this madness.  They must see that they are being led by another Hitler with an inferiority complex.  And, Russians know better than anyone else that World War II resulted in 20 million Russians dead.  Nuclear war would lead to the complete devastation of their country.  It would be a war that nobody can win, least of all the Russia.  

Hopefully, China will insist that Russia stand down and stop this madness.  China is the only country with enough influence to convince Russia to pull back to its border perhaps in exchange for a guarantee that Ukraine would be prevented from joining NATO for at least ten years.   We are seeing a repeat of World Wars I & II in the sequence of events.  It is estimated that more than 100 million people died in both wars.  We can't let that happen again.  Our worries should be a senile Joe Biden leading the United States.  Biden is just not up to this kind of brinkmanship.  God help us all if this spins out of control.  Most important, saner heads must say NO to Ukraine joining NATO at this time.  It is a no win situation for NATO countries.  It would provoke a nuclear response from Russia, which would end in disaster for the world.    

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