Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Women Should Vote For Republicans To Gain Personal & Economic Security

Rising crime in America impacts all people.  Women and children are especially impacted as victims of serious crimes like rape, murder and child molestation.  And, when a man is murdered, women and children often suffer the pain of that senseless killing.  Sadly, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) support defunding the police, cashless bail that allows accused felons to walk free,  open borders that bring many criminals and drugs into our country killing our young people.  The upcoming Midterm elections are as much about rampant crime in many cities in country as any other issue.  If we are  not safe in our communities, what good are our freedoms.  Republicans support more cops on the beat.  Republicans support prosecutions that put criminals in jail and keep them there.  Republicans support securing our border to prevent criminals and drugs from entering our country.  Women should vote for Republicans to gain personal security.  

Next, 17% is the real inflation rate, if everything were counted caused by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) because of their reckless spending and war on carbon energy  The highest inflation rate in four decades is hurting all Americans.  It is often women on the front line at the grocery store, the gas pump and paying monthly bills who see that they are unable to afford daily life.  Forget about any discretionary spending.   Now it is about paying for basics to survive.  Joe Biden made war on the oil and gas industry from his very first day in office.  We were energy independent when Trump was in office.  And now, Biden must beg Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran to please, please send us oil to stop the $5 gas at the pump and higher heating oil prices.  It is closer to $7 in California.  The cost of energy impacts the cost of everything, which is why everything we buy, eat, do etc. has gone through the roof.  Biden eats his big ice cream cones on the beach in Delaware clueless about the damage he has done to our country and the American people.  

Women will control who wins in November.  It is critical that Republicans take back both the House of Representatives and the Senate to get our country back on track.  Women should vote for Republicans to gain personal and economic security.  It will not happen as long as Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) still control our country.  

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