Friday, August 28, 2015

Abortion Is Not About Women's Healthcare

Socialists, the Lame Stream Left Wing Media and Radical Feminists want us to believe that Abortion is a Women's Health Care issue.  Can we at least get the facts straight.   Unless a woman's life is endangered by a pregnancy, which is rare, Abortion is an elective procedure that ends human life in the womb.  As an elective procedure, again unless the mother's life is in danger, it should not be covered by medical insurance.  That is why they call it a woman's "choice".   Women's Health Care, like Men's Health Care is really about all the potential ailments that impact us all, except for Women's breast, or uterine cancer and or Men's prostrate, or testicular cancer.   Otherwise, since the rest of our body parts are pretty much the same, all people will ultimately succumb to accidents, old age, heart disease, other cancers, or other diseases.

So, when the Left Wing in our country argues for funding Planned Parenthood, the single largest provider of abortion in the United States, at about 350,000 a year, they are really arguing for subsidizing abortions with tax payer money even though that is illegal; since abortion is big business for Planned Parenthood.  Now that we learn that Planned Parenthood is trafficking in abortion baby parts, which is about as disgusting as it gets, the more than $500 million taxpayer dollars that are going to Planned Parenthood should be going instead to the more than 9,000 Community Health Care Centers that do not offer abortion services; but do support Women's Health Care.  

If the discussion is really about Women's Health Care, why not fund these Community Health Care Centers that can deal with all ailments, not just "reproductive services" that are only applicable to a small percentage of the female population.  Far more women are dealing with other life threatening ailments.   Once again, it is time for common sense in government spending; not funding abortions that result in the murder of innocent babies.

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