Wednesday, August 12, 2015

EPA Causes Toxic Spill Into Rivers in Western States

Obama's Gestapo Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has caused a horrendous toxic spill into rivers passing through Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.   In attempting to mitigate toxic waste at an old closed Gold Mining site, EPA employees and or contractors actually opened up the flood gates allowing toxic materials to flow into pristine rivers that are used for recreation, irrigation, ranching and drinking water.  The EPA waited about 24 hours to announce the disaster.  And then, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy did not even make a statement for a few more days.  McCarthy told us they are sorry.  Big Deal. 

In addition, the EPA has been slow to put out the facts, first saying that about a million gallons of toxic materials, filled with arsenic and other carcinogens, flowed into these rivers.   We know now that it is more than three million gallons and it is still flowing.  Just imagine if a mining or other company caused this toxic spill.  Environmental Wackos and Socialists in government would be going crazy.  Obama would be on TV, no doubt flying out to the area to inspect for the photo op.   Yet, we here little or nothing from the usual cast of characters that in this case would have reason to be outraged because it is the EPA and Big Government that caused this disaster.

In fact, Socialist Colorado Governor has refused to criticize the EPA saying that "accidents will happen".  Really!!  No doubt, there will be multiple lawsuits filed by Attorney Generals of the three states impacted, the Navajo tribe, since these rivers flow through their Indian Reservation and other businesses that have been financially impacted by this horrible toxic spill.   And, as usual the US Taxpayer will end up footing the bill for this "accident" to deal with the clean up that could take years.  This is just another example of government failure. 

However, as usual, this Blogger wants to know who in government will be FIRED for this screw up.  Who will be held accountable for despoiling these rivers and costing the American Taxpayer what will be billions of dollars.   The answer is always nobody ever gets FIRED for screwing up in government.  Matter of fact, they just get shuffled along and sometimes they are even promoted so that they can continue feeding at the trough right into retirement to collect their fat pensions.   Oh well, a billion here, a billion there,  it will all just contribute to the bankruptcy of the United States, so I guess it just doesn't matter anymore. 

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