Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Same Old, Same Old Lies & Cover Up

It is pretty clear that Hillary Clinton did not want the public to see her emails, which is why the private server she used appears to have either been destroyed and or data was permanently erased by someone.  But the question is who??  Hilly claims that she deleted thousands of private emails, especially those between her and her husband, Bubba Clinton.  Only problem with that lie is that Billy-Boy reportedly never used email.  Ole Bill Clinton was smarter than that.  Given Bill's legal problems in the past, the last thing Bill Clinton would ever do is create an electronic paper trail. 

Now, the Blackberry's, or other email devices her staff members used are either missing and or they have been permanently erased, or destroyed.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when they all practice to deceive.  But this is same old, same old for the Clinton's.  The only issue now is whether the FBI will conduct a real investigation, or a phony one.

Bill Clinton and Pinocchio Obama recently played golf together and alone on Maatha's Vinyerd, where the rich and Washington elite go to vacation; note the purposeful misspelling to get the snobbish Northeast accent right.  You can bet that Bubba was cutting a deal with Pinocchio.   Pinocchio wants to raise a billion dollars for his library foundation, following in the Clinton's foot steps to allow Pinocchio and Michelle to live the high life after Pinocchio leaves office.  My bet is that Pinocchio told Bill he would call off the dogs related to Hilly shenanigans, if Billy promised to help him raise that billion dollars.   You know, one hand washes the other, not in a clean sense; but rather to raise dirty money.  Donald Trump just revealed what we all knew.  There are lots of crooks in politics.  It is all about feeding at the trough.

We will know if the deal has been cut if the FBI reports that Hilly is clean.  The problem is that Hilly is not clean.   Hillary Clinton is covering up all the money that was contributed by foreign countries to the Clinton Foundation, to make their family rich, in exchange for favorable treatment by the State Department when Hilly was Secretary of State.  Well dah!   Isn't this obvious.   And, all those emails that were erased would have proved it for sure.  This is Watergate all over again, except that Bill and Hillary Clinton are Crooks that have made hundreds of millions of dollars from their shenanigans.  

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