Monday, August 24, 2015

American Heroes In France

This Blogger has been saying for years that we need to worry most about soft targets related to Terrorist Attacks.  In particular, where ever there are large numbers of people; churches and temples, shopping malls, athletic events, trains and train stations.   Again, this week, we saw an Islamic Radical Terrorist in France, on a train, intent on killing 200 or more people.  By the way, this particular Terrorist was on three government watch lists.  The Terrorist was carrying an automatic assault rifle with 8 magazines of bullets, each with 30 rounds of ammunition.   If not for the American Heroes on that train, in that specific train car, that brought down this Terrorist, it is likely that the Terrorist would have succeeded in murdering many, many people on that train.

Spenser Stone, Alek Skarlatos, both trained from the US Military and their friend Anthony Sadler reacted quickly when they saw the Terrorist, with weapon drawn, to take him down and prevent mass murder.   Spenser Stone was injured in the process; but went on to help others that were hurt.   These three American Heroes represent our finest and should be remembered when ever anyone, including Left Wing Socialists in the United States, criticizes our country.  French President Francois Hollande awarded them all medals for their bravery as should have occurred. 

Unfortunately, our American Ambassador Jane Hartley, an Obama Crony and Socialist Party Bundler, raising money for Obama, which is the  reason she was appointed Ambassador, could not utter the word Terrorist during a press conference.  Instead, after the incident occurred, she referred to this Islamic Radical Terrorist as "the individual or the assailant".   Why do these Obamanistas refuse to accept the reality and the threat that we face from Radical Islam.   We are at war with these fanatics that want to murder us. 

Finally, this old man Blogger probably could not physically take down a young Terrorist with an assault rifle.  But I could shoot him dead with one of my guns as a great equalizer for physical strength.  If governments around the world are not going to provide security at soft targets; then We The People better have our guns handy just in case we face a similar situation.   We are dealing with Islamic Fascist Murderers and it is kill them, or they will surely kill us. 


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