Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton's E-Mail Scandal

Oh what a tangled web the Clinton's weave when the practice to deceive.  Hillary Clinton is now the subject of an FBI Investigation motivated by an Inspector General's Report concerning use of her private email server.  It sure looks like someone in Hilly's "inner circle", or maybe Hilly herself, went into her emails and stripped them of classification markings.   We also know now that some of these emails were in fact Top Secret and should never have been outside a government secure server.  You can bet that Hilly's server was hacked by the Chinese or Russians for sure. 

But all of this is just noise.  What is really important would have been Hillary Clinton's interactions will Bill Clinton and other related to the Clinton Foundation, which have been deleted.  It sure looks like it was Pay to Play while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.   Millions of dollars were donated to the Clinton Foundation by foreign countries at the same time that deals of various kinds were in the works requiring State Department approval.   Hilly claims that these donations had no impact on her decisions; but everybody knows how all of this works when you are in the Club within the Beltway. 

Donald Trump has described the obvious.  If you want influence, you write big checks and in this case those checks were used to enrich the Clinton family and all of their crony groupies that are employees, or Consultants to the Clinton Foundation.   The Clinton Foundation was used to fund Hilly's future political aspirations as the Clinton's were able to use this bogus charitable organization to keep their political organization in tact by keeping all of their cronies on the payroll.  They did this under the cover of doing good works around the world.  It is a brilliant scheme if you think about it.  

But now since Obama does not want Hilly to be the Socialist nominee for President, Obamanistas are putting out all the dirt.  This Email Scandal is just the tip of a dirty iceberg that will drip on in the months ahead to destroy Hillary Clinton's Presidential aspirations.  Just wait and see. 

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