Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Solyndra Management Lied To Get Government Guaranteed Loan

The Inspector General determined that Solyndra Management, the solar panel company, lied or misrepresented information to the Department of Energy in order to get a $535 million government guaranteed loan.  This is the company that went bankrupt shortly there after.  Apparently,  Solyndra Management over stated the book of business that was the basis for the loan guarentee originally saying that they had $1.4 Billion in orders, which turned out not to be true. 

The Federal Government and by extension The US Taxpayer lost about $500 million in this Green Scam Deal.  I know, I know this is chump change in Washington DC; but it is not chump change to the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in the United States.   So now. this Blogger would like to know who is going to be FIRED at the Department of Energy for failing to do due diligence in this deal and who at Solyndra is going to jail for committing what may turn out to be fraud. 

And, the answer as usual is nobody.   Some in Solyndra's top management were big donors to Pinocchio Obama's campaigns, which is the reason they got the loan guarantee in the first place.   And, no one in government is ever held accountable for their actions.   So, no one will be fired and no one is going to jail.   This is the reason Donald Trump is surging in the polls.  The American people have had it.   We are tired of the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy we see in government every day of the week.  It is one story of government failure after another. 

Yet, Socialist and RINOS preach the need for higher taxes on the Makers in society.  Instead, we need to starve the beast.  And, we absolutely need both a Balanced Budget and Term Limits Amendments to the US Constitution as the only way to stop the fiscal insanity that is bankrupting our country.  We have to throw the bums out of office from both political parties that have been feeding at the trough for decades that are responsible for our $18 Trillion National Debt.   Term Limits is the only way to make that happen. 

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