Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Establishment Republicans Plotting To Take Down Trump

Establishment Republicans all over the country are plotting to take down Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump because they can't control him.  Trump does not need Establishment big money to win.  In particular, Republicans in Virginia and North Carolina are concocting a loyalty oath, which candidates would be required to sign, saying that the candidate will support the Republican Candidate for President, no matter who he or she is and not run as a Third Party Candidate.  

Of course, Trump has already said that he would not run as a Third Party Candidate as long as he was treated fairly by the Republican Establishment.   There is no way that Trump is going to give away that leverage in Virginia, North Carolina or any place else.  Ironically, if Establishment Republicans continue down this road,  it will guarantee that Trump does in fact run as an Independent Third Party Candidate. 

And guess what, if Donald Trump does run as an Independent Candidate, he in fact could win by putting together the old Reagan Coalition; blue collar union members in the Mid West and other parts of the country that lost their jobs to China and or Illegal Aliens, the Conservative Base of the Republican Party,  Independents and others that can't stand either the Socialists or Establishment Republicans, this Blogger included.   Certainly, if the choice is between Granny  Clinton, Grampy Biden, or Jeb Bush, just maybe enough voters of both parties would say Enough with the Establishment and vote for Trump, as the outsider. 

Republicans better play by the rules and let the process work it's way through.   If they attempt to screw Donald Trump, the Donald has the money to do as he pleases, including running as a Third Party Independent Candidate.   And, if he decides to do so, he will not wait until the Republican National Convention in July, 2016 to make his move.  

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