Monday, August 31, 2015

Conservatives Will Abandon The Republican Party

Establishment Republicans at the local, state and federal levels are not getting the message.   Conservatives that make up the base of the Republican Party, for the moment, expect elected Republicans in government to actually act on the Republican Party Platform.   We don't care if it results in a government shut down.  To the Makers in society, government is the problem, not the solution.  We spent billions electing a Republican State Legislature in Nevada and in Congress that has accomplished absolutely nothing important.  In fact, in Nevada, we just experienced the highest tax and spending increase in Nevada state history at the hands of a Republican controlled legislature and RINO Governor.   

This Blogger has given my Republican Senator and Congressmen Failing Report Cards.   I got back from my Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller, one of the empty suits in Washington DC, a letter telling me what a wonderful job he has done.  Really?   Heller has accomplished nothing meaningful while in Congress.  In one letter Heller blames other members of Congress for raiding Social Security to fund government deficit spending as though he has not been there for years voting for the budgets that are bankrupting our country. 

And then, Republican Congressman Joe Heck, who is now running for the Senate in Nevada wants Conservatives to support him when both he and Heller voted for the Fiscal Cliff deal that raised our taxes.   This Conservative Blogger will not vote for any Republican that votes to raise taxes of any kind when there is so much waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy and failure in government.   I want to starve the beast, not provide government more of my hard earned money that will only be wasted on more Socialist Schemes. 

Establishment Republicans in government ignore Conservatives at their peril.  This Blogger has been saying for years that the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs if they don't get with the program.   They simply can't win without the Conservative Base of the Party.   Donald Trump is surging in the polls out of disgust for Establishment Republicans.  It really is that simple.   We are mad as hell and we don't care if Republicans are defeated because they have lost our support.  The fact is that there is no difference between a RINO and a Socialist anyway.  We have learned that the hard way in Nevada. 

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